New Theory Believes Psychedelics Could Benefit Long-Term Space Travelers

A new study published in the journal Frontiers in Space Technologies states that psychedelics could be useful to treat astronauts who have spent long durations in space. Entitled “A long trip into the universe: Psychedelics and space travel,” researchers believe that due to the known physiological


Kosmik Brands Orbits the Moon on Artemis I

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s … a cannabis company in space? Yeah, you read that right. Whether it be redefining high dosage as we know it or taking a trip to the Moon, Kosmik Brands continues to defy gravity—and all expectations. One bite of a Kosmik gummy and it becomes clear why this company


Four Years After Smoking Blunt, Elon Musk Buys Twitter

Billionaire and self-described free speech champion Elon Musk will acquire Twitter, Inc. according to an April 25 press release. The move will make Twitter private and set off a firestorm of speculation—ranging from whether or not Musk will allow Donald J. Trump to return, to the possibility of an


Retired Astronaut Wants to Grow Cannabinoids in Space

In the annals of phony viral images, the one of former Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield holding a bag of weed while aboard the International Space Station is right up there.  The photo made the rounds in 2018, prompting a fact-check from the online watchdog Snopes. In the original photo that was


Ground Control to Major Tom: Sending Hemp to Space

In March of this year, SpaceX CRS-20 cargo flight will carry tissue culture samples of hemp and coffee to the International Space Station (ISS). Floating in a most peculiar way, the stars look very different, that is, the day those hemp samples enter orbit. Front Range Biosciences (FRB) is


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