High-Class Consumption in the Mile High City

Early on, I realized I was not really a “going out” person. While I appreciate cannabis and psychedelics, as well as a good show or event, the idea of hanging around and being social for the hell of it just because alcohol consumption is involved has never been my cup of tea. 

Like most Americans, I experimented with overconsumption of alcohol young in life, and did not come away from the experience a fan. And while on the very surface level, alcohol can work as a social lubricant, I usually end the night feeling emotionally drained from small talk and with the beginnings of a nasty headache. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, I always daydreamed, if social gatherings in the adult world, including networking events, could be hangouts and smoke sessions? Now, in certain parts of the Mile High City, that is not only the case, but an emerging part of Denver cannabis culture. 

Time machine room at the Marijuana Mansion. Courtesy of Roxanna Carrasco

Marijuana Mansion 

The first time I attended a networking event at the Marijuana Mansion, I was pleasantly surprised with how much genuine fun I had, and how deep the connections and conversations were, despite the fact that we were all there for business.

I met contacts and personal friends I still stay in touch with to this day, not something I can say for any night out at the bar. And instead of stumbling away with a headache to get a pricey Uber, I left happy and full thanks to complimentary Chipotle, having forgone alcohol for a joint and some edibles. 

Each room in the Mansion is unique, offering a curated experience as you float through. The bottom floor is mainly an entrance, a main room, dining room, and kitchen, that at most events is a staging area for drinks, smokes, music, and checking in. But the rooms on the second and third floor are each a universe of their own, from a bohemian pad full of throw pillows and giant ashtrays to an old-fashioned, 1820s-esque cigar parlor, to a typical hippie bungalow with beaded doors, beanbags, and day-glo blacklight paint. 

As well as being gorgeous and tons of fun to explore when you’re under the influence, the mansion, located in Capitol Hill just above downtown Denver, also has a deep-rooted weed history. It only gained its nickname in the past decade, but it has been the site of many cannabis milestones over the years, including the creation of Amendment 64, the bill that legalized cannabis for recreational use in Colorado. 

Hallway at the Marijuana Mansion. Courtesy of Roxanna Carrasco.

“Now, the mansion provides a safe space for like-minded people to gather during private events and share how cannabis has helped them, both personally through the countless medical benefits and professionally through the booming billion-dollar business it’s become in a matter of years,” says April Emma, event director for the Marijuana Mansion. 

“The mansion serves as a great vehicle for spreading the message that social consumption should be allowed,” adds owner Lisa Leder. “It’s crazy to think you can drink alcohol on almost any given block in this nation, but there are very few places where people can consume cannabis in a social setting. We’ve hosted a wide variety of events here: educational events where brands connect with people in the industry to provide in-depth …

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